Discover an ancient OLOMOUCview of the SPA located on the rooftop of our hotel

Having 110 000 inhabitants, is Olomouc 6th biggest city in the Czech Republic. Olomouc was always among most significant royal cities in bohemian countries. Thanks to the location, well known University, cultural and religious traditions, it was called the centre of Morava.

Being second urban conservation in Czech Republic, Olomouc offering a countless number of oppurtunities what to do. You can visit the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary on the Olomouc's Holy Hill or ZOO, take look into history
in Regional Museum. Old Timer lovers can admire Veteran arena. For families is in the city a modern aquapark
or swimming pool in the centre. Olomouc is interlaced with the huge numbers of bicycle paths. Last but not least
is the posibility of shopping - modern shopping centres e. g. Galerie Moritz, Galerie Šantovka, Shopping centre Haná, Olomouc City or Olympia are waiting for you.

THERESIAN HOTEL & SPA is in the most attractive location linking history and the city centre.

Cultural sightseeings
Let`s start at the hotel. Right in front of is a last existing Theresian Gate - Europen rarity. The gate was established in 1752 while building the Olomouc fortress and was named to celebrate the empress Marie Theresa during her visit in 1754.
The gate was done by architect Pierre Bechad de Rochepine. It was situated between two older gates that were parts
of defensive system from enemies of Olomouc. In honour of keeping the gate was our hotel named THERESIAN
and we would like to present interesting story to our guests. We bring you a charming place, where the history meets
the present.

Among other sights belongs also the Holy Trinity columns on the Main square. Since 2000 the Holy Trinity column has been part of world cultural and natural inheritance UNESCO and it is one of the city dominants.
A place that should not be avoided during your tracking Olomouc history is the Olomouc castle, one of the most significant castle compounds. Part of the castle is st. Wenceslas Cathedral named after last Premyslid king, Wenceslas III., who was murded in this area. And also Archdiocese Museum. Visiting it`s exhibition is really great experience. As first in Czech Republic, Museum received a prestige awards - European Heritage Label. It is one of nine European sights celebrating European ideals, values and history that were appraised in 2015 by this label. Visit our town hall wit astronomical watch, fountains and columns, Olomouc fortress, houses with signs and palaces. We can not forget jewish sights, that can be found opposite of our hotel on Palach square where used to be jewish synagogue.

Olomouc neighborhood
Haná region is full of sights. About 35 km far from Olomouc is Bouzov castle, where some Czech fairy tales were made, Sovinec castle, Helfštýn castle -  famous for its blacksmiths reunion called Hefaiston. Close to Olomouc is chateau Náměšť na Hané where is the permanent exhibion of archbishops and bishops carriages. Historic carriages can be seen also in close museum in Čechy pod Kosířem. For the history lovers there is open air museum where you can "touch" the history. If you are more adventurous visit the caves in Mladeč or Javoříčsko.

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